With our company’s history of over 25 years, we - the EDEGS Formenbau GmbH - can be proud of our long-time experience and our worldwide success in this segment. Up today, we always remained true to the site Freiberg am Neckar and intend this also in the future.

1982 With the formation of Freiberger Formenbau GmbH the headstone was laid for the EDEGS Formenbau GmbH of today.
1984 Change of name in the actual EDEGS Formenbau GmbH.
1986 The first cold runner system for fluid silicone was developed. That counts yet today as a core business.
1995 Through a distribution partner, a worldwide sales and marketing
network was opened. This connection of course had as consequence
increasing requirements.
1996 EDEGS Formenbau GmbH moves with meanwhile 12 employees into the new firm building in the Daimler street 12 in Freiberg am Neckar
1997 Trademark registration VARIOmold ®
1998 Foundation of the EDEGS – Technology to the innovative further development and training of our product line.
2000 Patenting of VARIOmold ® – Innovation, a self-developed and standardized mold system.
2002 Completion of a hall extension

• Today the EDEGS Formenbau GmbH with meanwhile 15 staff members presents itself on the international market as a well known and notable specialist for product solutions in the field of the Elastomer processing. Our spectrum ranges from the product development, over test molds, to series molds, training, sampling and productions at the company Antech Polymertechnik and specification of complete fabrication plants.
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