VARIOmold ® | is a patented, modularly constructed mold-system with
basic components for multiple use and for quick and easy new configuration
according to different requirements. A reliable quick clamping system
connects the single modul parts in a trice. VARIOmold ® system saves
production costs by multiple suitable basic moduls and reduces significantly
the mold adjusting times by its clever system technology. VARIOmold ®
moduls are available in different sizes, precisely adjusted to each other,
realizing almost every contour sizes by its multiple variable system
architecture. The contour plates are available for direct use or with a gap
to take up exchanged contour units. VARIOmold ® is compatible with many
relevant mold systems in plastics and elastomer application. It is suitable
as test-mold, for rapid manufacturing and series production. The moduls
are available as complete building set with or without ejecting but also
as single moduls. VARIOmold ® the mold system for current, economical results.
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